At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Moorebank, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Christine Bitar-Claxton
Assistant Principal Sean Brown
Religious Education Coordinator Pam Neate
Instructional Specialist Estelle Robinson
Coordinator: Gifted and Talented Anne-Maree Mounes
Coordinator: Literacy Adriana Scarabello
K Blue Kaitlyn Coleman
K Gold Adriana Scarabello
K Red Shauna Martin
1 Blue Kayla Malaspina
1 Gold Emma Salmon
1 Red Maria Privitera, Meagan Smith
2 Blue Veronica Pijaca
2 Gold Alicia Moorhouse
3 Blue Pam Neate, Estelle Robinson
3 Gold Jeanne Toso
4 Blue Adam Schulz
4 Gold Shannen O’Sullivan
5 Blue Marina Birkic
5 Gold Michelle Lum
6 Blue Sean Brown, Michael Love
6 Gold Denise Donath
Professional Planning Time (PPT) Kathy Samuels, Kathie Parker, Nicole Purdon, Renae Neou
Enrichment Class Red Anne-Maree Mounes, Estelle Robinson
Reading Coach/Reading Recovery Meagan Smith
Teacher Special Education
(Monday, Tuesday, Friday)
Clelia Riegler, Matthew Genco
EAL/D Teacher
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Marlene Beshay
EAL/D Teacher (Wednesday) Jessica Genco
School Counsellor
Learning Support Officer – (Library) Helen Howe
Learning Support Officer Carol Michael
Learning Support Officer Monique Gomez
Learning Support Officer Marta Bartolic
Finance Secretary Gaye Combey
Front-of-House and Enrolment Secretary Sharon Pratt
Family Educator Marie Teriana