Leadership Team  
Principal Christine Bitar-Claxton
Assistant Principal Sean Brown
Religious Education Coordinator Pam Neate
Coordinator: Science and Technology, eLearning Elizabeth Jensen
Coordinator: Gifted and Talented, Mathematics Estelle Robinson
Coordinator: PDHPE, SPBL and Highway Heroes Gisele Labana
Support Staff  
Learning Support Officer – (Library) Helen Howe
Learning Support Officer Carol Michael
Learning Support Officer Matthew Genco
Learning Support Officer Marta Bartolic
Learning Support Officer Monique Gomez
Office Sharon Pratt
Office Gaye Combey
Family Educator Maria Fortuna
Teaching Staff  
K Blue Kaitlyn Coleman
K Gold Adriana Scarabello
K Red Shauna Martin
1 Blue Kayla Malaspina
1 Gold Katie Giardina
2 Blue Veronica Pijaca
2 Gold Margaret Martin
Enrichment Class – EC Red Gisele Labana|
Estelle Robinson (Fri)
Teaching Staff  
3 Blue Maria Privitera (Mon, Tues, Wed)
Nicole Purdon(Thurs, Fri)
3 Gold Jeanne Toso
4 Blue Elizabeth Jensen
Matthew Genco (Wed)
4 Gold Sean Brown (Mon, Tues, Wed)
Michael Love (Thurs, Fri)
5 Blue Marina Birkic
5 Gold Denise Donath
6 Blue Pam Neate| Renae (Thurs)
Michael Love (½ Wed)
PPT Kathy Samuels (Tue–Fri)
Kathie Parker (Wed, Thur)
Renae Neou (Tue, Wed, Fri)
Specialist Staff  
Reading Coach/Reading Recovery Meagan Smith
Teacher Special Education
(Monday, Tuesday, Friday)
Clelia Riegler
EAL/D Teacher
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Marlene Beshay
EAL/D Teacher (Monday) Jessica Genco
School Counsellor Malak Shakhtour